D.J. Gugenheim

D.J. Gugenheim grew up in New York, Israel and Florida. At 16, Gugenheim moved to LA by himself and studied theater and business at UCLA where he won the Gilbert Cates award for outstanding production for a multimedia/multiplatform version of Fahrenheit 451. After graduating Gugenheim worked at a think-tank in DC, the Woodrow Wilson Center, and on Capitol Hill. Gugenheim came back out to LA to work for filmmaker Joel Zwick (MY BIG FAT GREEK WEDDING) on FAT ALBERT. Gugenheim then went on to work at CAA and Paramount Vantage while they made THERE WILL BE BLOOD and NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN. He also ran development at Universal based Captivate Entertainment where he was the executive on multiple projects including BOURNE LEGACY. Before joining Lotus as Executive Vice President of Production in 2012, Gugenheim was a VP of production at Inferno. He recently finished Executive Producing KIDNAP with Halle Berry as well as NOVEMBER CRIMINALS with Sacha Gervasi, Chloe Moretz and Ansel Elgort. Before leaving Lotus he set up films with Keanu Reeves and separately Shekhar Kapur. He is currently working with Brad Anderson, Tanya Wexler and Ed Gass-Donnely as well.